Mr. Tan’s Office

Mr. Tan’s Office

Tales of Entrepreneur – Tan Wei Xin, Director of ZNEN Group

“Being an entrepreneur is not easy, you will need to sacrifice more than other”, these were the first words from Tan Wei Xin, when we asked him what are his thoughts of being an entrepreneur. Tan is a local Penangite aged 35, graduated with a majoring in Finance and is currently the director of ZNEN Group, a local property developer in Bukit Mertajam (BM). He ventured into property development back in 2016 and decided to start his first major project in 2018 which is Metropol, a high-rise project in Bukit Mertajam. Eventhough considering he is still new in this industry, he had great plans for the folks of BM with the launching of 2 projects in the next few years with a total value of RM 500 million.

Started humbly in 2016, Tan’s office is his car. He ran all errands by himself as he had limited financial resources and this allowed him to learn the basics of this trade from an entry level position. He believes in order to lead well, he must first experience and gain exposure on everything related to his trade, as this is one way to ensure he is built on strong fundamentals before pursuing his dream as a property developer. His vision and concept were to create dream homes with good quality built to create a warm and conducive environment for families and at the same time, emphasises on affordable prices to allow everyone especially our youth to have an opportunity to own this dream home.

As a successful youth entrepreneur now, Tan has some advices for our aspiring youth out there. Firstly, one needs to be innovative in searching for ideas to always upgrade and improve on the products / services offered. In order to do this, one will need to continue learning as they say, learning is a lifelong journey. Secondly, is to have high perseverance. Doubts and challenges are sure to come in your way once you take off, but you will only see the success if you continue to believe and be firm on your ground while continue to work hard. Last but not least, be realistic and be patient. Strengthen your fundamentals, plan your objectives SMARTly and you will be able to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Although the start is tough for Tan, he enjoyed the process especially when witnessing the smile on the new owners’ faces when the keys of their homes are passed to them. This satisfaction and his passion in developing comfortable homes affordably is what keeps him going achieving his bigger dream. May this story inspire our youth entrepreneurs to believe in your dream and contribute to our society one day.